Well, there are a lot of us who tend to relate their real-life to the reel life, but there is nothing wrong in doing so. Because all it gives you is an element of fun and quirk in your daily routine. Speaking of the reel life, have you ever given a thought to the fact that what Bollywood character matches your zodiac? Well, as for this interesting research let us examine a few of the characters suitable for the Libra horoscope


India is all about cultural heritage and Bollywood, and the character mentioned above is one hell of a legendary character. Geet as played by Kareena Kapoor Khan is definitely a suitable choice for the libra horoscope. 

And this is because of the fact that Libras tend to be the epitome of self-love, the dialogue that geet keeps on repeating about her being her own favorite is what makes them so much like a Libra horoscope. Geet is the perfect character to describe a Libra because her character is a balance between sassy and emotional attitudes, just like how the Libras live their lives. 


Piku, the character played by the diva herself, Deepika Padukone is also one of the most suitable characters for a libra horoscope. And this is because of the fact that, if we examine the women of this sign and take the character of Piku alongside then we’ll definitely find a perfect match. 

Women of this sign are usually quite caring and loving towards their near and dear ones, just like Piku is for her father. These women do care deeply about their family and friends, but their way of showing care is a little different and difficult to understand. they tend to opt for the tough and strike love kind of approach, just like the character does in the movie. 


Well, this is again an extremely relatable one, because as we have known that Libras are all about luxury and exotic lifestyle. They fives on keeping themselves tip-top and classy and Aisha the character played by the fashion guru Sonam Kapoor herself is totally a match for the Libra ladies out there. 

The carefree and yet careful attitude, the shopping instincts as well as the love confusion, all the factors that are totally and exactly the same as what the Libra women want.